The Fuel-free Generator

The Fuel-free Generator's Technology Revealed

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Please note: This book describes an older design of the Fuel-free Generator.
In the new design, the mechanical parts have been replaced with electromagnetic counterparts.
The general design principles and the function of each part, as well as their interactions, are similar.
Therefore, the general principles governing the new design are similar.
Please ignore the mechanical details described in chapter 6, and focus on ‘the bigger picture’ of what each part of the system is doing, how they interact, and how the system interacts with its environment.

Welcome to The Fuel-free Generator's Documentation Site

You will find here documentation regarding the science and the technology behind the Fuel-free Generator, brought to you by RevAmp Technologies.

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Learn the physics of the FFG.
Read the book Energy Processes in Fuel-free Electromagnetic Generators.

Authored By

Solomon I. Khmelnik, PhD